Climate Practice Insights


V-LED Real Practice Series on Collaborative Climate Action


We believe that local governments are crucial to addressing climate change. As frontline responders, they create sustainable development pathways and opportunities for resilient communities. The climate actions of cities and regions are vital to pioneering transformative decarbonisation processes and achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement, but we must join forces across governing levels to scale up efforts and bring successful initiatives to scale.

The V-LED Real Practice series responds to the growing demand for real-life examples and practical knowledge about multi-level climate governance. The series answers the question: How have local and national governments addressed challenges in their collaborative climate actions? By delving into the details of practical initiatives, examining the challenges they face and highlighting key lessons for replication, the series extends knowledge to policy makers and implementers in order to improve collaborative action among local, national and global actors.

Colombia: Learn how the country’s Regional Climate Change Nodes are shaping integrated climate responses by different levels of government. Listen and read now

Kenya: Kenyan counties are pioneering a climate change governance mechanism to increase finance for climate action on the ground. Listen and read now

Philippines: Learn how Ormoc City is leveraging climate finance by building strong partnerships. Listen and read now

South Africa: All levels of government are placing their commitment on the Local Government Climate Change Support Programme. Listen and read now