Event: Vertical integration roundtable - Catalysing transformative climate action through multi-level governance


The recent report of the IPCC confirms the urgency of the Paris Agreement targets: we must reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by the middle of this century to limit global warming to 1.5C and avoid highly dangerous consequences. The enormous scale and speed required by this transformation calls for ambitious action by all sectors of society and levels of government.

A number of IKI projects are supporting countries around the world in strengthening their multi-level climate governance frameworks to achieve greater vertical and horizontal integration of policies and actions and to enable sub-national governments to effectively implement and up-scale NDCs. This is where the leverage for change lies.

With special guests from the South African Department of Environmental Affairs, the event will showcase the South African experience of multi-level governance for local climate action and lessons learnt after four years of the IKI-supported V-LED project. To stimulate South-South-North exchange, the IKI projects VICLIM (Vertically Integrated Climate Policies) and SPA (Support project for the implementation of the paris agreement) will share project knowledge gained from woking across diverse geographies such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Indonesia.

Together we will:

  • Exchange knowledge across projects and geographies to address challenges and share good practices for vertical integration and local climate action,
  • Discuss insights and lessosn learnt from South Africa on how to effectively scale-up NDC ambitions implementation; and
  • Explore how the knowledge and rich experiences presented can inform the upcoming ICCA2019 conference.

The event will be hosted by V-LED partners adelphi, Sustainable Energy Africa and OneWorld, in collaboration with VICLIM, SPA, the South African Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and BMU.