Kenya - What we do

Vertical dialogues 

The devolution process and county planning systems offer the counties an opportunity to submit low emission alternatives to their plans for sectors such as construction, transport, energy consumption and waste management. Dialogues with national level players, from the government, technical institutes and bi-multilateral organizations could support the implementation of such projects under the mandate of the Green Growth Strategy and the National Climate Change Response Strategy.    About eight vertical dialogue events will be organised between 2015 and 2018.


Good practices and concrete activities of low emission development do exist in different parts of Kenya; bi- and multilateral organisations are supporting the devolution of national policies in different sectors. The Good practice exchanges series provides a space for different actors to meet and exchange on what has worked and what hasn’t and how to mobilise and stimulate more local climate action. Five Good practice exchange workshop will be run between 2016 and 2018.

Capacity development 

In Kenya, the capacity building package might consist of two different products. One that illustrate concrete activities of climate mitigation, low emission development and climate proofing of conventional activities and the second on the multi-level governance system from local actors, to wards, counties and national planning and implementation. About 160 people will be trained between 2016 and 2018


The process of change will be particularly observed and researched in Kenya. The mixture between the devolution processes and the particularities of a highly vulnerable country to climate change undergoing steady growth provides a fascinating ground for observing what factors do stimulate climate action from a multi-level governance perspective.