Tucker Landesman

Project Manager at adelphi

Tucker Landesman is a Project Manager working on the topics of local climate action and urban governance. His work at adelphi focuses on successful multi-level governance of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Tucker has a multidiscipline background in the social sciences and over a decade of experience working at the nexus of civil society, research, policy and good governance. He has extensive knowledge concerning urbanisation, development and contemporary strategies to build and design sustainable, inclusive and democratic cities. His research and work has focussed on how qualitative methods and cultural analysis can inform policy making and programme implementation. Tucker has experience designing and implementing research projects, disseminating knowledge, and advocating for evidence-based policy at local and global scales.

Prior to joining adelphi, Tucker worked at the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics (LSE) where researched national climate change legislation around the world. Tucker completed his doctorate at the LSE in human geography and urban studies. His dissertation examined the politics of urban inequality in Brazil and how policy makers at different levels of government use innovative urban planning and governance techniques and technologies to upgrade and integrate informal housing settlements (“slums”) into the formal city. He additionally has professional and academic experience in public health policy and programming. He holds a master´s degree in public health from The Universidad de Buenos Aires, where he focussed on vulnerable populations´ access to health systems and community-based health programming. Tucker holds a BA in international affairs from The Elliott School of International Affairs of The George Washington University with thematic foci in global public health and gender studies. While studying he worked in international civil society coalitions to influence global health policy.