Marcus Andreas

Senior Project manager at adelphi


The main focus of Marcus Andreas’ work lies on facilitating effective dialogue between stakeholders at different levels in multi-level governance environments. In the V-LED project, he is specifically engaged with the Philippines.

In the adelphi project “climate dialogue” (2013-15), implemented under the German national climate initiative, he lead activities related to peer-to-peer exchange and networking. Furthermore, he was a leading coordinator of the International Conference on Climate Action: Local Governments Driving Transformation (ICCA 2015).

Before his time with adelphi, Marcus researched “green citizenship” as a Junior Fellow for the Centre of Humanities in Utrecht, the Netherlands. At the Rachel Carson Center in Munich, Germany, he supervised the multidisciplinary “Waste in Environment and Society”, hosted the “Realizing Utopia” workshop and co-published the respective edited volume. As a founder and board member of the interdisciplinary “Research in Community e.V.”, he championed collaboration between sustainability-oriented researchers and practitioners. In addition, Marcus Andreas has frequently acted as adviser and reviewer.

Marcus Andreas completed his doctorate in social and cultural anthropology at the University of California in Berkeley and at the Los Angeles Ecovillage (both USA), amongst other places. He had previously studied Pedagogics at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, where he focused on learning organisations and the visualisation of complex systems.