V-LED's Approach to Climate Action

One of our biggest global challenges today is how to deal with the threatening effects of climate change. But how do we begin to take action? One option is to start with talking! With this animated video we introduce the V-LED project and its’ dialogical approach to multi-level climate governance.

Local Governments’ Role in Low Emission Development in the Philippines

A video by V-LED partner UN Habitat Philippines on the role of local governments in low emission development.

Your Piece of the Sun: Energy, Gender and Poverty in Urban South Africa

"Your Piece of the Sun" is a captivating film produced by Lloyd Ross and Joelle Chesselet for V-LED partner Sustainable Energy Africa that explores the challenges of energy, gender and poverty in urban South Africa. Case studies and interviews illustrate new approaches and innovative solutions to energy service delivery for low-income households. The film therewith inspires innovative solutions towards improving energy access and efficiency and, in turn, towards improving socio-economic development.

Interview with Titus Wamae from ILEG about V-LED in Kenya

What are the effects of climate change in Kenya? How are newly decentralised governments coping with their mandate to pursue low emission development strategies? And what change processes will the V-LED project be able to support?

In this interview Titus Wamae, programme officer at ILEG, shares his perspectives on the V-LED project in Kenya.

Interview with Mohamed Ali, coordinator of the Kwale County Natural Resource Network

In Kwale County, Kenya, a key grassroots stakeholder who is supporting the V-LED project is the Kwale County Natural Resource Network (KCNRN). In this interview, Mohamed Ali, coordinator of the network, gives an introduction to the activities of the platform and its role in supporting the sustainable governance of natural resources and the empowerment of communities to participle in planning processes at the devolved county level.