Dr. Nguyen Quang

Habitat Programme Manager at UN Habitat in Viet Nam


Dr. Nguyen Quang  joined the United Nations Human Settlements Development Programme (UN-Habitat) in mid 2005 and was appointed as the UN-Habitat Programme Manager in Viet Nam in July 2007. He has been UN-HABITAT liaison officer in the UN Country Team and coordinated related urban and shelter projects in the country.

Being an architect and urban planner and manager, he has more than 30 years experience working on practical projects, research and implementation in different areas of urban/rural planning and management, infrastructure development, low income housing, environmental and heritage conservation, multi-sector investment planning, poverty reduction and local economic development.

During the 7th World Urban Forum in April 2014  (Medellin, Colombia), he was awarded with the certificate of IHS Alumni International Urban Professional Award 2014 for his excellency and leadership in Urban Management and Development.