Belynda Petrie

One World CEO


Belynda has over 15 years experience leading and informing climate resilience building across the adaptation-mitigation spectrum.  Her work emphasises transboundary water, sustainable energy, the water-energy nexus, climate finance and risk mitigation of climate on socioeconomic development and human security. Belynda works with multidisciplinary teams, frequently bringing together public and private sector stakeholders. With her strong science-policy-planning-finance interface, Belynda acts as a technical and strategic advisor and is the author of numerous, related publications to include policy, technical and research briefs, books conference presentations. Belynda works with key stakeholder groups such as the Africa Group of Negotiators on the UNFCCC climate negotiations on issues of mitigation targets, climate finance, developing the adaptation goal and on the 2015 Agreement.

Belynda has pioneered a systems analysis approach to building resilience in Africa, drawing together the strands of political, economic, social and ecological analysis. Recent projects include: lead consultant on the UNDP Climate Finance Readiness project in Eastern and Southern Africa; consultant and facilitator to DANIDA in finalising their Renewable Energy Programme plans and agreement with the South African Government; advisor on the African Water Climate and Development Programme, focusing on no/low regret climate investments; developing urban-led and urban relevant responses to energy and climate change policy and developing investment strategies for building climate resilience.

Of particular interest to Belynda currently is how to bring the climate adaptation and mitigation response streams together. Using applied and participatory research tools, Belynda is working to develop approaches that integrate the manifestation of climate change realities. It is increasingly apparent in the developing world that these issues cannot be treated separately. This is particularly true in urban government and service delivery (energy and water) contexts, for example.