South Africa - What we do

Vertical multi-level dialogues

We offer a platform to link secondary cities and metros, provinces and national actors to link up and reach together national GHG emission reduction targets.

Horizontal exchange and networking

South Africa is a fertile ground for local climate action, and existing initiatives have already shown promising progress for low-emission development. We want to link them up with other partners, share experiences, catalyze action and promote new and exciting ideas. An online one-stop-shop website for materials and tools on local climate action will support these activities. Visit it at

Capacity development

We will expand the use of the Let's Respond Toolkit while carrying out trainings in partner municipalities. The toolkit is a premier instrument for the mainstreaming process of climate change aspects into service delivery and municipal planning.


The project activities will be accompanied by promising applied research looking into questions around the effectiveness and internal functioning of multi-level governance in the context of climate change mitigation.