V-LED Lessons Learnt – upcoming event in Kenya


V-LED is excited to announce a Lessons Learnt event in Kenya. A two-day event to be held on November 7-8 in Kwale County will examine four years of V-LED operations in Kenya.

The first day-long event will address a key barrier to local climate action: accessing finance for community-led low-emission development projects. Partnering with the Kwale County Natural Resource Network, V-LED implementing partner ILEG will lead a workshop on developing funding proposals and matching prospective investors from the private sector and donor communities with community projects that promote sustainable livelihoods.

The second day-long event will focus on the four years of dialogues, exchanges and trainings that V-LED has facilitated in Kenya since 2015, highlighting good practices, lessons learnt, hurdles for transformative climate action and key opportunities and entry points for future action. 

Over the course of the two days three key V-LED publications will be launched:

  1. The V-LED Kenya country study on multi-level climate governance;
  2. A guide to devolution in Kenya and what it means for climate governance; and
  3. A how-to toolkit for local community stakeholders to respond to climate change and develop low-emission economic projects.

Each event will host about 30 participants from national and county governments, local community organisations and private sector stakeholders.