Capacity Development

Toolkits to mainstream climate in local planning and series of trainings

Low emission development? Climate mitigation? Green growth? Learning more about it…

Each of our target countries has toolkits and manuals dealing broadly with climate change and green growth, but each national political partner also asked for them to be revised and/or institutionalised within the national system.

This capacity building package will focus on developing sound training material based on existing products with national training institutes or complementing existing ones.

We will train a pool of trainers who will in turn build the capacity of 50 to 150 people in each country throughout the three years. Depending on the needs, the training products will include technical and policy-orientated material on climate mitigation, climate finance, risk and climate, green growth at subnational level, and low emission energies, building and waste management. It will also provide training on “soft skills”, to stimulate learning and the management of knowledge and change processes.