Regional & Global

We are living a defining moment for sustainable urban development. More and more, cities are becoming the most important nodes of life and culture, concentrating enormous dynamism, challenges and opportunities for changing pathways for development. The international community is engaging in discussions around finance for development, the global goals for which the world will strive, and the new urban agenda that will guide the models of development for decades to come.

Actions on the ground for low-emission development – alternative transport schemes, changes for energy efficiency, renewables initiatives – are taking place in cities, provinces and counties worldwide. V-LED wants to create linkages between them and connect this level to the exciting global and regional landscapes, bringing forward good practices and lessons to motivate further action.

Regional engagement

Upon drawing the main lessons from each country in four closing lessons learned workshops, V-LED is organising two regional conferences for exchange on the most current and exciting topics, one for Southeast Asia and one for Africa.

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Global engagement

Analysing what works and what are the ingredients for spreading and promoting local climate action, the V-LED team will carry out applied research on central questions on the global debate: how can multi-level governance promote climate action? Which of the lessons can be transferred to other contexts and how?

In order to inform our research choices and frameworks, we will have a Virtual Advisory Group guiding our work and helping us to align it with the most relevant and valuable questions for the global community.

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